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    Quality on Purchase Order

      Hi, ALL
      Our client required that when a PO make, that should be with Quality different parameters and when
      in Inventory Receiving the quality parameters restrict on inspection time.
      How we can apply quality parameters on PO and when Receiving item in inventory qulity parameters
      appear on Quality form and Receiver follow the parameters that is on POs.
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          Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
          Use the quality module.
          1) Define DFF on po where the quality parameters can be entered.
          2) Create a receiving inspection quality plan. That plan will use the PO# being received to get the DFF values from step 1. It will display these values and let the receiving /quality person compare actuals v/s nominal parameter values.

          Hope this helps
          Sandeep Gandhi
          Omkar Technologies Inc.
          Independent Techno-functional Consultant