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    JavaFX with Vista Aero theme

      Just observation, JavaFX performance in Windows Vista with Aero activated is very poor, animations are choppy and everything slow, as soon as I switch off themes then it is very fast. This is suprise because I was doing something on old notebook (Win XP) where my code was running fast and on my desktop overclocked powerfull machine it is slower than on that notebook.

      I noticed also that on Vista JavaFX is loosing mouse events, so if I click on button it is fired after 3 - 4 attempts.
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          I had to replace onMouseClicked with this "pattern" because in Vista it drops most of these events, onMousePressed is not sufficient because this event is "leaking" to other nodes
                                      var ism: Boolean;
                                      onMousePressed: function(ev: MouseEvent) {
                                          ism = true;
                                      onMouseReleased: function(ev: MouseEvent) {
                                          if (ism) {
                                          ism = false;
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            We are having the same issues on Windows 7 with AERO theme.

            Is this a known issue with JavaFX 2.2? Will this be fixed in JavaFX 8?


            For now, we are asking our users to switch to the Classic theme, and that worked for them very well.