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    J2ME application connecting to servlet

      I have a J2ME that communicates with a JBoss server. The application works perfectly on Websphere Device Developer's Emulator, but when I deploy it to the iPAQ and try to connect over a wireless network, it fails to connect to the server.

      Both the iPAQ and the JBoss server are on the same network.

      The application connects using the HTTP protocal and uses the ip address of the server in the url. The application creates a connectiong with the servlet and then streams info to and from the servlet.

      When I use internet explorer on the iPAQ to access the web application
      running on the same JBoss server is works fine.

      I have double checked that it is using the ip address and not localhost.

      I have even gone as far as disabling all security software to make sure that
      it is not blocking the connection.

      Any replies would be fantastic : )
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          I have few EDGE enabled handsets like NOKIA N70, N73, N90, N95..abd Samsung D900...
          And my J2ME application downloads video files form internet..

          but when my application runs it shows "G" on the top corner..that means my application is

          using GPRS though the handset is EDGE enabled...

          So is there any way to use the EDGE facility using J2ME...

          if you have any kind of experience please share...
          you can mail me to ifteebuet@gmail.com..
          thanks in advance..