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    jasper exception in avk verification test  [urgent]

      Hi all,

      im new to AVK.

      In AVK verification test, i am getting jasper exception for which i am not able to find the solution.

      Assertion:All the JSPs that are bundled inside a web application must be compilable using a J2EE compliant JSP compiler that does not have any proprietary or optional features in it.
      Error: Some JSPs bundled inside [ Sample.war ] could not be compiled. See details below.
      org.apache.jasper.JasperException: file:C:/Documents and Settings/Administrator/Local Settings/Temp/exploded20070503110500/Sample/WEB-INF/jsp/shm/first.jsp(1255,1) File "/second.jsp" not found

      org.apache.jasper.JasperException: file:C:/Test/WEB-INF/jsp/shm/first.jsp(155,0) File "/second.jsp" not found

      where in sample.jsp im having a page include at line 1255 from its throwing this error.

      <%@ include file="/second.jsp"%>

      the second.jsp is present in the same shm folder
      where first.jsp is present.

      my application does not contain any beans. it contains only a war file. all the other jsps are getting compiled except this.

      pls provide me with a solution for this failed case.

      Thanks & Regards