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    Websphere EAR deployment-classloader problem


      I am trying to deploy an EAR file in WAS 6.1 which is having 1 ejb jar, 1 war and some utility jar files. EAR structure is as following...


      EAR\jars\commons-codec.jar, commons-collections.jar, commons-configuration.jar, commons-fileupload.jar, commons-lang.jar jars/commons-logging.jar, ojdbc14.jar, oracle9i_2.jar, rowset.jar, xercesImpl.jar



      My application is a spring application and spring.jar is available in classpath of WAS 6.1 app server itself. Now my web module has a spring bean definition which depends on a FileUpload class file which is in commons-fileupload.jar but unfortunately my spring bean in web module is not able to find it. As per my knowledge of class loaders, class loader of web module should first ask to it's parent class loader which is EAR application class loader and this class loader should be able to load FileUpload class for web module.

      I will be grateful if anybody can give some help to resolve this issue.

      Rishi Dev [ http://www.nastec.biz ]