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    IDL Compiler for JBoss

      Hi ,

      I am using JBoss App Server and i want to use IDL Compiler which converts idl file to Java file. With J2SE idlj tool, i am able to generate java file but the Helper class that it produced does not contain "bind" method hence my compilation is failing as i need to use bind method.

      Can anyone tell me which idl compile i should use and how so that it works with JBoss and generates Helper class with bind methods.

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          I'm trying something along the same lines as this - trying to access a legacy system written in CORBA from our J2EE environment hosted on JBoss. Compiled IDL using Sun's shipped idlj, and deployed all generated classes successfully in my EAR. I can access naming service and resolve remote objects, but invocations on the remote objects lead to a CORBA BAD_PARAM exception. I am starting to debug but wonder if anyone out there has had success using Sun generated CORBA classes in a JBoss environment before?

          Any information appreciated, thanks!