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    Multiple Wars in Ear -URL

      Hello all,

      I am having an ear having 2 wars.I need that the unique context for both war.I have heard context name are war level not ear level.
      Is it correct?

      If that is the case then can it be possible that if a.war nad b.war in an EAR then URL:

      http://ip:port/a/x.html for a.war

      http://ip:port/a/b/y.html for b.war

      means context root in hierarchy of other wars context name.

      Please help
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          Your problem looks very interesting. I have never done such thing. But still I have one idea, which might be helpful for you. You can use virtual host for a that means your urls will look like:

          I don't think that context inside a context is possible.

          If you elaborate more why you need such context settings then may be I can try to suggest better.

          Rishi Dev [ http://www.nastec.biz/ ]