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    war and ear deployment problem

      I got a war and ear that share common classes. I would like to deploy both of them on the same application server.
      I started with weblogic and it worked fine.
      Now I am running it on Websphere - the problem is the ear application failed to start - it cant find one of it's property files even though it is in the class path.
      I see that the jar containing all the properties is in the class path - the application can access all other properties files except this one.
      The problematic properties file is my.commons.logging.properties which is a refactoring to the common.logging jar.

      I also see that if the war is not deployed - the ear is deployed without a problem.

      the war contains commons.logging.properties and because Websphere also had it's own common.logging i had to use "parent last" for the war deployment.

      I will be happy to hear any idea you got about this.
      I don�t understand how two different applications affect each other that way.