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    j2ee connector architecture

      hello all
      i want to do final year project on "connector architecture"
      but dont know what exactly to do on it.
      can any one suggest any live example to implement or anything u can suggest me..
      thanking u in advance....
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          Here is a suggestion, for what it is worth:

          Disclaimer: I co-own the Generic RA for JMS project.

          To learn more about the J2EE Connector Architecture, you could have a look at Generic RA for JMS [http://genericjmsra.dev.java.net] project, try to use it in your environment and build features on top of it.

          As examples of protocol adaptation and EIS connectivity, you could look at building new adapters for services available off the web. [like a Jabber/IM resource adapter]

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            thank u siva sir,,
            i will try to find something of my interest there..