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    AVK Test Suite

      I am new to using AVK.
      When I download AVK , it is coming with default application server.
      But I am using oc4j application server. Is there any separate copy of AVK for download for application servers other than sun servers.

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          AVK has two parts static verification and dynamic verification. Static verification does not require any appserver and you can use it even if you have developed your application for oc4j appserver. Dynamic verification requires Sun appserver. This is becuase the branding criteria for AVK requires it. You will have to deploy and run your application on sun appserver.
          Details about branding can be found at - http://java.sun.com/j2ee/verified/program.html

          AVK bundle without appserver is not available. However if you have your own sun appserver installation you can use it rather than installing the bundled appserver.

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            Dear VikasAwasthi

            What about if i want run for AVK test results for my Struts web application running on OC4J.

            As per your information only static verification can be run.
            so, to go ahead for a static verification what are the steps to start.
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              Hi Vikas,

              Thanks for your quick response.
              In the case of static verification using AVK, what need to be added/installed in my system(jars, execution of related exe etc).
              For more info, my code is in java, struts, hibernate. Using eclipse as a IDE.

              Thanks in advance for reply