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    Problem while running AVK Dynamic testing

      I am doing Sun Application Verification Kit tool test for our one application.Out of all Jsp's in our application only 5 Jps's are displayed as Not called after running the reporttool.

      Though the javascript alert kept in these Jsp's are being displayed, still these jsps are not getting in the called list.I removed these Jsps then its 100% web components accessed.but when i keep these 5 again in the ear the percentage is getting down to 99%.

      Can you please help me in resolving this issue.I will be waiting for your valuable response.
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          problem rectified.

          I am using AVK 1.4 version.

          etrans is the root directory and in it a etrans directory is there. In this second etrans directory my file ETCarrierEnterid.jsp is there an this is being called from ETCarrieProcess using
          <jsp:forward page="./ETCarrierEnterId.jsp" /> ( ./ = current directory)
          Though this Jsp page is being called and an Javascript alert is displayed.But when reporttool is generated this Jsp is not in the called List.

          For this I changed to

          <jsp:forward page="../etrans/ETCarrierEnterId.jsp" />

          Now this page is in the called list
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            COuld you give me more information on starting using AVK
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              Looks like you have already started to use AVK. What else you need. Is the information available at http://java.sun.com/j2ee/avk/ and http://java.sun.com/j2ee/avk/usersguide.html not sufficient to get started with AVK?
              Let us know what are your exact requirements.