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    Personal Oracle 7.3.4 on XP and Service?

      We have a Personal Oracle DB on a XP Pro Pentium IV box. VB is being used to open the DB through the Oracle InProc Server type library, See code below. The Oracle Service has a status of stopped. If we run another aplication written with Oracle Tools the service starts and all works. My question is why doesn't the service automatically kick off throught the code below, and is ther something else I can try in code?

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      ' Workaround to raise a message (and avoid an error) that the user does not have access to SSS
      On Error Resume Next
      Set objOracleSession = CreateObject("OracleInProcServer.XOraSession")
      If Err.Number = 429 Then 'ie: the users do not have the oracle drivers on the PC
      Exit Function
      End If

      Set objOracleDatabase = objOracleSession.dbOpenDatabase("", "testuser/testing", &H0&)
      If Not (objOracleDatabase Is Nothing) Then
      Set rsRetrievedDynaset = objOracleDatabase.dbCreateDynaset(strSQL, 0&)

      ' Tidy up
      End If
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          We had similar problems with Oracle 8.0.6 server running on XP Pro.

          The Oracle service was fine and we were able to connect locally on the server (without the listener).

          When we tried connecting from another machine on the network we got the message "No Listener".

          The Listener service would appear to start but as soon as the first connection attempt was made the Listener service would stop.

          We did not pursue it because I believe that only Oracle 9 is certified to be compatible with windows XP.


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            thanks for the reply...

            What I did was switch to ADO and OLEDB for Oracle, works so very little change required.