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    Handling time zone in web application

      In most of the forms of our web application we need to show and enter
      date time information. Since our users are located in different time zones
      all date information that we store are time zone sensitive. Each module uses
      its own terminology to handle time zone related issue that results in a lot of
      anomalies in displaying and storing date throughout the entire web application.
      The problem became more complicated since some of our users used to travel
      and enter data from multiple location. Therefore, I am seeking information about
      how web developers are handling time zones in their web applications.

      Meanwhile, it would help me a lot if I get suggestion in the following specific
      1. Does it provide any benefit to set web server's and database server's time zone
      to UTC other than some different time zone?
      2. Should the users be provided with an option that allow selecting time zone
      during data entering?
      3. Is it common practice to store the original time zone of any date information
      such that when showing the date again after some change in time zone of
      user the original time zone can be displayed?
      4. Is it better to handle time zone via javascript rather than server side java
      code or scripts?
      5. Are users conscious about the time zone differences in different regions when
      they enter or view information?