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Fetch data into "form" from database. The form is build through XML forms

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{color:#ff00ff}Hi All,{color}

{color:#ff00ff}I have been working in J2SE/J2EE but one of our requirements need more knowledge on XML and javascript / AJAX code.
{color:#ff00ff}My requirement is, from the "Existing User Information form" if the user enters an SSO ID(user id) then automatically his lastname & firstname must be populated at respective fields {color}{color:#ff00ff}but this form is designed through "xml forms" whose code is placed below.{color}

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="[]"?>

<xf:form id="idUserInformation"
<xf:label>Existing User Information</xf:label>
<xf:submit id="submit"
<xf:group id="idUserInfo">
<xf:label>Existing Associates Information (Information about the user who needs the service)</xf:label>
<xf:input id="idSSOID"
<xf:label>SSO ID</xf:label>
<xf:hint>Ex: SSO ID = OHR ID</xf:hint>

<xf:input id="idFName"
<xf:label>First Name</xf:label>
<xf:input id="idLName"
<xf:label>Last Name</xf:label>

{color:#ff00ff}Now I need to write a javascript / AJAX code that has to pick the current value from the SSO ID field and fetch the information from the database.

NOTE : If any body wants to view the form or my request is not clear please mail me to [|]