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    Struts - Data pass from Action class to JSP

      hello ,

      I am new to struts and have a strange question in my mind .

      How do we pass business logic data from action class to JSP.Do we use session object or any other best way to be used to pass data.

      Example scenario:

      Once the user logins into application by passing userid and password ,we need to display his open queries (from database table) on jsp.

      Components used :
      LoginForm(getter and setter methods of userid & password)
      LoginAction(get database connection,perform query to fetch user's open queries form the database)
      OpenQueries.jsp(to display Open queries on a tabular format)

      In LoginAction - We fetched user's open Queries from the database and stored them in collection object .

      My question is : what is the best way to pass Collection object from LoginAction to OpenQueries.jsp ?

      Thanks in advance...


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