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    java swing portability

      I have a Java 5 swing application that I would want to use on a Windows Mobile 6.1 device.
      I have had the idea of integrate it in an applet.
      I have read that the crme vm has a the swing package support,but it works only on window CE.Not good for me.
      I have installed jbed jvm and I have thinked two possible scenario.
      So the questions are these:

      1) Are awt fully supported and can run by an applet in j2me?
      2) Do I need some extra applet viewer to run applet with awt?
      3) Do I need to rewrite all in a stand alone midlet with LCDUI? are there "event" item?
      4) can I use midlet with awt?
      5) I need cdc or cldc?
      5) it's possible to install a cdc vm on windows mobile 6.1?
      6) is jbed a cdc or cldc?

      thanks in advance.