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    How should i do for using "import static" in CDC?

      First of all, i have no good Eng. skill.
      please understand me if i write wrong words.

      I'm a beginner of Java ME and i want to compile some sources using CDC Java(TM) ME platform SDK 3.0.
      The sources are using "*import static*" and they need to be compiled with 1.5 javac-source version.

      So that, i changed some properties of 'project.properties' and 'build-impl.xml' files in project folder.
      ( javac.source=1.3 --> javac.source=5
      javac-target=1.3 --> javac-target=1.5)

      after then, it didn't come out any problem when compiling but,
      'cvm.exe' error msg box came out and it could't run.
      --- Error ---
      Failed to connect to device 1!
      Emulator 1 failed to register in time!
      Result: 1
      BUILD SUCCESSFUL (total time: 56 seconds)

      i think the above way i did might be a forced thing.

      what should i do for this problem?
      Please let me know..

      Ji hye

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