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    Trouble with JMF over IBM J9


      I am trying to execute a streaming application on a PDA device (Windows Mobile 5) that has a IBM J9 VM running on it. The PDA has to connect to another PC and has to display the video streaming of the PC webcam. I manage to receive the video streaming on the PDA but the JMF player is unable to run, so I cannot view any video.

      The related error with the JMF player is the following:

      java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: java/awt/Component.getPeer()Ljava/awt/peer/ComponentPeer;

      I then realized that the Component.class of the ppro-ui.jar contained inside the J9 installation has not the corresponding method. I then tryed to add a new jar which contains the right Component.class (graphics.jar taken from the J9 emulator for PC) to my application for the JVM to choose this one. Editing the J9 link file like this did not solve the problem:

      255#"\J9\PPRO11\bin\j9w.exe" "-jcl:ppro11" "-cp" "\NetBeansApps\App.jar:\graphics.jar" "-DconfigFile=\NetBeansApps\res\peer2.config" "-DconfApp=\NetBeansApps\config\datospeer2.txt" "TelecaredApplicationMain"

      I'm ending with the same error.

      If I try to declare graphics.jar into the Bootclasspath like this:

      255#"\J9\PPRO11\bin\j9w.exe" "-jcl:ppro11" "-Xbootclasspath/p:\graphics.jar" "-cp" "\NetBeansApps\App.jar" "-DconfigFile=\NetBeansApps\res\peer2.config" "-DconfApp=\NetBeansApps\config\datospeer2.txt" "TelecaredApplicationMain"

      The J9 VM does not launch and I'm not able to see any message. Is my syntax bad?

      Any clue to load this graphics.jar or any solution to display the JMF player?

      Thanks and Best Regards,