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    Compiling rxtxSerial using CDC JNI interface

      I'm trying to compile rxtxSerial (javaComm implementation) to ARM/Windows Mobile target. I'm experiencing this error:
      error C2371: 'wint_t': redefinition. Different Base types     c:\program files\microsoft visual studio 9.0\smartdevices\sdk\pocketpc2003\include\stdlib.h     68     rxtxSerial
      After a little of reverse engineering I discovered that this happens because rxtx includes jni.h, wich includes stddef.h from "../include/porting/ansi/stddef.h", wich defines wint_t. Then rxtx includes windows.h, wich includes stdlib.h, wich tries to define another time wint_t causing the error. Someone could help me getting rid of this please?