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    Problem creating a shortcut on PPC to run my app with CrEme!

      Hi all,
      I have created a shortcut/link file to run my app stored in a path on storage card as follows:

      255#"Storage Card\windows\creme\bin\creme.exe" -Of -jar -classpath "\Storage Card\" CdcApplication7.jar

      However, it fails to work and the jscpout file generated states it cannot find the jar. But if I place the jar file is in the root of the device it will work. I've tried different permutations but without success, Creme cannot find the jar file. So I suspect the path is syntactically incorrect. Can anybody please point me in the right direction. I dont want to have to store all my apps on the device internal memory!

      i.e. how should I type the text in a Pocket PC link file to run my jar file with Creme?