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    Barcode Scanning for CDC

      Hi everyone,

      I need to develop a MIDP (CDC) application which needs to work on Symbol WT4090 device. The application should read the scanned barcode calling the vendor .dlls.The scanned code should be sent back to server which validates it.
      I request to send me some links to sample applications to JNI wrappers for scanner dlls.

      Eagerly expecting your views on this.
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          I don't exactly know what is your question... Creating JNI wrappers for a DLL should not be a big problem...

          Don't know if it helps, but SerialIO also has some useful Java tools for bar code scanners: http://www.serialio.com/
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            Did you develop the application? I have to do something like that and I don´t Know If I can use CLDC instead CDC configuration ;-(.

            Thanks in advance.
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              I had the same situation with a cdc app on win CE 5 and trying to access the vendors barcode dll. I had to use JNI. So I created my own dll in C++ that calls the vendor barcode dll functions. The dll that I created used JNI so I was able to call its functions from java (cr-eme jvm which fully supports JNI)