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    Example consuming webservice in J9 WEME CDC

      Hi somebody have a example consuming webservice in J9 IBM? I using ksoap in my application, in conected no ocurred erros but in return string ocurred a error:
      Hello, anyone have an example in consuming a webservice IBM J9? I'm using ksoap in my application, the connection no error occurs, but the string to return ocurred a error:
      Invalid stream or encoding: java.io.UnsupportedEncondingException: UTF-8 (position: START_DOCUMENT null@0:0) caused by:java.io.UnsupportedEncondingException: UTF-8; nested exception is:
      java.io.UnsupportedEncondingException: UTF-8 
      at java.io.InputStreamReader<init>(Unknown Source)
      at org.kxml2.io.KXmlParser.setInput (Unknown Source)
      at org.ksoap2.transport.Transport.parseResponse(Unknown Source)
      at org.ksoap2.transport.HttpTransportSE.call(Unknown Source)
      Somebody help me?
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          hi Shakall !
          I m use the hessian binary web service with Creme CDC. Its very similar with J9. I believe that this solution work for you too

          See the simple sample, its very simple, of the server implementation:

          And, for the JavaMe, the client its a little different, but work fine:

          For download and upload objects (POJO), I m use JSON format. Works perfectly

          If you have any problem, post a question again!

          Fábio Pinheiro