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    J2SE and Bluetooth communication with J2ME

      Regarding the following scheme:
      A program written in J2SE
      A midlet written in J2ME
      Both is going to communicate through Bluetooth.

      J2ME is using the JSR82 javax.bluetooth API

      For J2SE I have found a few SDK for providing Bluetooth support.
      Those are:
      Zucotto(Which I can no longer find SDK, I used this one in 2001)

      Are there others that I could use?... BlueCove maybe?
      This Application is running on a Windows OS, But APIs for Linux are also usefull.

      Anyone who could share their experience on using one of these J2SE APIs and with J2SE Bluetooth programming?

      I would very much appreciate help on this. I am trying to find a suitable J2SE BT API for work on my master thesis.
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          May i sugest another one, avetana

          they have a windows implementation - 25 euros, i think, and they have a Linux implementation for free.

          I was also looking for a JSR-82 implementation, but in my case it had to work for windows and PocketPC. I tryed to use Atinav first, but i had some problems with it. I called Atinav several times but no answer, i sent emails to Atinav support and sales no answer, so I gave up.

          I am also doing my master thesis, it would be great to exchange experiences... if u want.

          Hope it helps,

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            I had some problem downloading this avetana. In the registration prosess I had to register some BT adresses.
            "Please make sure to enter at least one valid Bluetooth-Adress, that you want to use this library on (e.g. 00-0d-93-05-17-0e)"

            This whole deal sounds bogus.
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              Have you actually used this avetana API for development on J2SE ?
              In my master thesis I am going to make one J2ME application on a mobile phone which is going to communicate with an J2SE application on a PC
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                Sorry i have been out of office for some days.

                When you download the avetana jar u need to insert the address of your bluetooth device(s) where you want to test your application. This is not bogus.
                Yes i have used avetana already and i managed to put my laptop and a PocketPC communicating using bluetooth.

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                  Do you have or know where I can get an example code using Avetana? The Example does not need do much, just connect to localdevice and then search for external devices.

                  I am looking for a working code that I can run and test to see if my Avetana would work and study the code.

                  I understand that Avetana comes with de.avetana.bluetooth as well as javax.bluetooth and javax.obex.
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                    I tried out the JSRTest.java code, but it would not compile.
                    Got Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no avetanaBT in java.library.path
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                      Hi DJ_Viking and ChrisBento,

                      i'm also writing my thesis, and have the same problems
                      choosing an appropriate jvm (for pocket pc) and bluetooth stack.

                      according to their website the avetana BT stack supports devices
                      on pocket pc when using the creme jvm and having a widcomm
                      driver (http://www.avetana-gmbh.de/avetana-gmbh/produkte/Readme.xml).

                      unfortunately i'll get my device not until next week, so i have'nt been able
                      to test it..
                      before, i tried running ibm's j9 vm and the avelink blutooth stack on my
                      pocket pc, but it didn't work. according to their support "this is due to some incompatibities with the supported baudrate values of J9 VM on iPaq 5550."

                      do you know of a working configuration of VM / BT Stack for a PDA?

                      it would be great to exchange experiences!
                      if you like, contact me: ukio [AT] gmx [DOT] de

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                        Hello guys,

                        My Platform is:

                        Hardware: hp iPaq Pocket PC h5550 series + Laptop Toshiba Win XP


                        PDA: NSICOM CrEme 4.0 + avetana BT JSR82 Stack

                        Laptop: J2SE 1.3.1 + avetana BT JSR82 Stack

                        I managed to communicate from laptop to pda and inverse using these tools.

                        My email is: cacb[at]dei[dot]uc[dot]pt if u want to share experiences and know more about this write me!

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                          Hi Cris,

                          sounds good. I will test it as soon as i get my PDA back.
                          Should work, since I have almost the same Setup:

                          IBM Thinkpad, Win2k, integrated Bluetooth (Widcomm, ver., J2SE 5.0
                          iPaq 5550, Windows Mobile 2003, J9 JVM (...changing to CrEme :))

                          One last thing which is important for me:
                          Does the CrEme VM support a MIDP/CLDC J2ME environment,
                          i.e. is it possible to access the Bluetooth device from within a MIDlet (via JSR82)?

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                            I have reports from customers who have run Applications with avetanaBluetooth on IBM's J9 on PocketPC. So CrEme is not a must have anymore. I know it is quite hard to purchase.


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                              Hi Moritz,

                              do you know how to get avetanaBT work with J9?
                              I don't get it :(
                              I would appreciate any hint you can give!

                              CrEme does not support MIDP right now, according to support it's in development,
                              so i'll stay with J9.


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                                The avetana bluetooth stack is bounded to Creme and Widcomm bluetooth drivers

                                At least that's what they say in their web site...

                                "System Requirements
                                For MacOS X you'll need Bluetooth Software 1.5. The software has been tested on OS 10.3 and later.
                                For Linux you will need a recent version of the BlueZ Stack.
                                For Windows, the Widcomm Stack that comes with most BT-Dongles is required. avetanaBluetooth supports Widcomm Version SP 5 or later. 3.0.1 is preferred.
                                On Windows Mobile 2003 (PocketPC) you will need NSICom's CrEme 3.25 or CrEme 4.0 VM available through www.nsicom.com. You need to have Widcomm BTW-CE or newer as your Bluetooth Stack on the device.
                                Some PocketPC devices need to additional DLLs for avetanaBluetooth to work. If you are having trouble getting avetanaBluetooth to work on your PDA, please download BtSdkCE30.dll and BtCoreIf.dll and place them in the \Windows directory.
                                On all systems, Java 1.1.8 or later supporting JNI is required.

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                                  Not directly related to your question:

                                  Instead using J2SE with some BT stack implementation (JSR82), I connect the MIDlet using the BT stack's COM Port Service.

                                  So on J2SE side, I open up an incoming Serial Port, set up within the Stack Software (e.g. widcom or xp sp2). Within the MIDlet I go for the serial port profile connecting to the pc's virtual COM port. (sample see http://startofentry.de/space/mobilecontrol).
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                                    Hi DJ_Vikin:

                                    Jbuilder 2005 Enterprise (J2SE)
                                    Bluetooth protocolo stack (BlueZ)

                                    I'am working in my thesis i need developed the application on PC using J2SE and other application on mobile telephone. I download the AvetabaBT to Linux but I tried compiling the JSRTest I have the message error:

                                    "java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no avetanaBT in java.library.path"

                                    You have the same problem, and I would like know how did you do for erase the error? Maybe i need the other file but i don't know if this case where i download this file?

                                    Thanks for helpme.
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