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    Java ME -> JRE distributed with SDK 3.0


      What I want to do is to develop a program which is based on CDC 1.1 with PBP 1.1 and AGUI optional package.

      I just downloaded the new Java ME platform SDK 3.0 EA. Its specification is saying that the SDK is coming with a runtime environment for windows mobile devices. After checking the manuals corresponding to Java ME, I found out that the Java CDC Hotspot Implementation (cdc-hi) is the JVM which I have to use. Checking the folder structure in the new SDK there is a folder "runtimes", containing the subfolders "cdc-hi" and "cldc-hi". By now the problem I have is that I absolutely don't know how to install the runtime environment (which is actually distributed with the new SDK) on a mobile device. Furthermore, I'm not sure if it is only a runtime environment or emulator for CLDC configurations.

      I hope you can help me out!
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          I don't know if this is what you are asking for, but if you want to install the runtime, you have to copy the .cab file to your Windows Mobile device, and run it there... It will install... however, I still don't know how to install or copy your own program there... when you open the program, an empty screen appears and there is no menu to intall applications....
          I hope this helps you a bit...