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    CDC development using Creme on MC70

      Hi All

      I need to develop a CDC application using Creme 3.2.9 on a MC70 PocketPC. This PDA has "Microsoft® Windows Mobile™ 2005" Operating System on it. Can anyone guide me as to what all softwares should I install for development, which emulator etc. I came across this link: http://www.netbeans.org/kb/60/mobility/cdcemulator-setup.html#emulators but with all the different links on it, I am really confused which one to go for. Also, if you could suggest whether I should use Swing GUI or just AWT?

      Thanks in advance
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          What way did you go?
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            If you do not plan to build or use thirdparty widgets, you can acheive the best UI by using SWT from Eclipse.
            You will then get support for a "nice"/better table, which used to be lacking in the normal AWT stack.
            It will put more requirement on you as a developer to manage the UI resources - but it is pretty straight forward.

            Creme jvm - "The default and preferred graphics library is based on the Truffle implementation of AWT."
            - I do not know if there widgets are better than the old AWT implementaion.

            "Numerous third-party Java libraries work flawlessly with CrEme, such as SWT graphics library from Eclipse"