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    Sun Wireless Toolkit for CDC - JSR75 Application

      Hi All,

      I have Sun Wireless Toolkit for CDC installed in my machine. I have written a sample JSR75 application to access PIM database. At Compile time, it's giving so many compilation errors; it's not recognizing the PIM API.
      I have placed the jsr75.jar file in lib folder of CDC installation directory. At this time it's giving NullPointerException.

      Any body tell me how to access PIM API from Sun wireless Toolkit for CDC.

      Thank you very much in advance
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          What platform do you use to develop? I use NetBeans and compilation works fine.
          I have the jsr75.jar in the following places (on old Apple iBook):
          /Users/carl/Library/mpp-sdk/jsr75.jar (for mpowerplayer emulator, but this does not work (yet))

          In the netbeans lib files also these jar-iles exist:
          cldcapi10.jar jsr082.jar midpapi10.jar wma11.jar
          cldcapi11.jar jsr184.jar midpapi20.jar wma20.jar
          j2me-ws.jar jsr75.jar mmapi.jar