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    Symbol MC70 and phoneME

      We are using Symbol MC70 (now supported by Motorola) device at our company. I'd like to ask if it's possible (or recommendable) to install phoneME platform (phoneme.dev.java.net) on this device? There aren't any simple instructions on how to install phoneME on mobile devices (at least I haven't found them yet), so I would also like to know how to install and configure the platform on on above-mentioned device. If anybody has any experience using Symbol devices I would be very grateful for any kind of help regarding this issue.

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          If i new Motorola, had cldc/midp atleast jvm on it. then you can use netbeans 6.1 cldc/midp applicaton sample to get startwith.
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            I've got the same device that I've been running a webapp on and need to move to J2ME now. Any luck with that and if so, did you go the Netbeans route or ???

            Thanks for any advice here,

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              I also have a Motorola MC70 PDA. I am facing problems related to the following things:
              1. Can you please suggest where we can get the IDE and emulator. All I could get was for MIDP development and not CDC.
              2. Do we need to install Creme?
              3. Also could you suggest if AWT programming should be done or Swing? Which is appropriate?