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    multiple connections via RFCOMM

      Hi everyone!
      I am working on a bluetooth serverapplication, wich is able to accept multiple connections from mobile-phones. This works fine, as long as i only connect 1 phone. But i need to connect more than 1 phone at the same time to the server. Theoretically my bluetooth-adapter is able to accept 7 connections at the same time. I guess this works somehow with the channel number of the connection-url, but i can't figure it out. I hope you can help me.

      Many thanks in advance,
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          I've a similar problem on a mobile application, where the problem should depend on the bluetooth server platform. For exemple I can connect multiple clients if server mobile platform is Nokia S60 and I can connect only one client if server mobile platform is Nokia S40.
          I know that is not your case, but I hope this can help you everyway.
          I post this problem on Nokia forum but I don't have answers yet. Any ideas?
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