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Data sending/receiving

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Hi theeeeeeeere

Im new to this whole forum thing to be honest I couldnt believe there is a place to get free help lol!!

I am looking for a method to send text to a mobile phone j2me application but I dont want it to cost the user anything to open/receive the text. Personally I dont mind paying for sending the text to the user but I dont want the user to have to pay for it. I recently had a look at PAP (Push Access Protocol) and I am not sure if its what I want. I cannot send using an SMS message because the text is about 10000 characters or more. From what I was reading I think PAP has a size limit. But I am not sure though.

I am making a free hotel review system where people will receive details and reviews about the hotel or place for free. I think it would inconvenience and limit the users from using my application if they have to download the text and use their airtime. I dont mind paying for the sending of the message to the phone myself but I just dont want the user to have to pay for it.

Please leave me a reply if you know of any method at all that might work or add me on IM:

Keep the foums alive, I will also browse around helping you guys where I can so for now help mee please! lol!

Thank you ;)
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    {color:red}{size:20px}TRIPLE POSTED{size}{color}

    Cross posting is rude.

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    I would like to apologize for that tripple post thing but like I mentioned before I am new to this forum thing, I didnt know and didnt mean to be rude...

    Everyone please ignore this post if you had some info that can help me out abit please direct your browser to and reply to me there...

    And Darryl.Burke since you went and replied to all the other 2posts with your red "TRIPPLE POST" message now I cannot delete these other posts...