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    Data sending/receiving

      Hi theeeeeeeere

      Im new to this whole forum thing to be honest I couldnt believe there is a place to get free help lol!!

      I am looking for a method to send text to a mobile phone j2me application but I dont want it to cost the user anything to open/receive the text. Personally I dont mind paying for sending the text to the user but I dont want the user to have to pay for it. I recently had a look at PAP (Push Access Protocol) and I am not sure if its what I want. I cannot send using an SMS message because the text is about 10000 characters or more. From what I was reading I think PAP has a size limit. But I am not sure though.

      I am making a free hotel review system where people will receive details and reviews about the hotel or place for free. I think it would inconvenience and limit the users from using my application if they have to download the text and use their airtime. I dont mind paying for the sending of the message to the phone myself but I just dont want the user to have to pay for it.

      Please leave me a reply if you know of any method at all that might work or add me on IM: developergirl.anne212@gmail.com

      Keep the foums alive, I will also browse around helping you guys where I can so for now help mee please! lol!

      Thank you ;)
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            I would like to apologize for that tripple post thing but like I mentioned before I am new to this forum thing, I didnt know and didnt mean to be rude...

            Everyone please ignore this post if you had some info that can help me out abit please direct your browser to http://forums.sun.com/thread.jspa?threadID=5332985 and reply to me there...

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