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    j2me swing, cdc and window

      my company has developed a working version of swing w/ serializable on the desktop and like to import them into a pda. when i research this option online and i find out that only cdc can do that. however, when i download cdc and it seems that the package is only linux. where can i download a package that can used on window. i need to have swing on the pda, can cdc support all swing component? if not, what other options can i have?? i read online that j2me does not fully support swing, is that true?? i am a new programmer in j2me and really appreciate any help that i can receive.

      many thanks

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          First you should be aware that CDC is a configuration, so it does not contain any GUI components. In J2ME there are 3 different Profiles which are based on CDC.
          Foundation Profile (FP), Personal Base Profile (PBP and Personal Profile (PP). Only PP contains enhanced Java GUI elements. But it ONLY contains AWT. SWING is NOT supported and is not part of the PP specification.. Some JVMs like Creme from NSI (http://www.nsicom.com/) support Swing as opptional non-specification package. But you must buy the Creme JVM. The IBM VM J9 supports a reduced version of SWT (a GUI Framework), but not SWING. So generally it is very difficult to use SWING on a PocketPC.
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            But agui works now!