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    Emulator to my iPaq h6300!!!


      I have been find out about how can I get the emulator?. I have written to the support
      in HP and they told me that they could not help me, because it is a third party software or
      something like that, they recommended to me ask to the support in Microsoft and I did do it,
      but the support in microsoft could not help me and they adviced me that it would better if I would contact with the support in Netbeans and I did do it. The support in Netbeans answered me and they told me that the best way is asking in this forum.

      I develop application for Mobile Device, my device is an iPaq H6300 from HP, we are work
      in Netbeans 6.1 and I need an emulator to help me to try the applications that I made
      before to pass it to my device.

      I have been able to find this emulator...I really hope that someone can help me, because I
      need to develop a project for the school..

      Thanks a lot and I will be waiting for any answers.

      Best regards

      Sukey Nakasima