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    CVM crash in case of JIT enabled and attached NetBeansProfiler

      Now we are working on porting NetBeans Profiler on Linux MIPS platform with CDC. We fully suceeded with CDC 72 revision. But on CDC rev 74 we faced with CVM crash in following case:
      1) CDC is built with JIT enabled
      2) Start our application with attached profiler
      3) Connect from Netbeans IDE to CVM
      4) Profiler instrument classes
      5) crash

      Execution fails in src\share\javavm\runtime\constantpool.c file in CVMprivate_cpExtractTypeIDFromUnresolvedEntry function at line 294 :
      typeIDIdx = CVMcpGetMemberRefTypeIDIdx(cp, cpIndex);
      Crash is caused by assertation macros :
      +(CVMassert(CVMcpTypeIs(cp, idx, Fieldref)               \+
      +|| CVMcpTypeIs(cp, idx, Methodref)          \+
      +|| CVMcpTypeIs(cp, idx, InterfaceMethodref))+
      as argument tipe is incorrect (not equals to Fieldref or Methodref or InterfaceMethodref)

      So - could you please suggest which changes(probably in JIT) between rev72 and 74 may cause such behaviour ?