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    Newbie in CDC technology

      Hello friends.

      I have developed a java application in Java Web Start, with java jdk 1.4. the application works fine, consists in a java client application that connects with stream with a servlet, this server returns data from a database to the java client application, and java application shows the data to the client in jtables and jpanels. Works with jtables, jtabbedpanes.. etc etc.

      I want to know:

      - it's possible to run jnlp applications in a mobile (nokia or pda, pocket pc, or anothers) ?
      - if not possible, because i understand that java jvm need a lot of requeriments, and a little mobile not sufficient power have for run normal java applications... �it's CDC developer kit the soluttion for develop an application for mobiles? I want more power that MIDP'S. I need gui more powerfull that MIDPS (jpanels, jtables, or similar gui components... )
      - exists in the market any mobile/pocket pc or pda that work fine with CDC technology? I want to buy a mobile that support this tecnology, but i don't know what partner o manufacturer. where i can find this information?

      Thanks, i'm interesting to learn this technology, but i have not sure the basics.

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          1. High profile and memory devices
          2. Buy Windows mobile like HTC TYTTN
          3. Develope application for CDC platform
          - use netbeans 6.1
          - get Windows mobile 6.0 image emulators
          - get active sync
          - use Device emulators to send your cdc *.jar file
          - Get NSIcom JVM for swing and Javavm

          1. Low profile and low memory devices
          2. Buy Nokia some series search in google.com for model name
          3. Develope cldc/midp
          - use netbeans simply developed sample to get start with
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            A lot of thanks friend, good response