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    Problem Installing Midlet in Nokia E63.

      Hello Friends.

      I'm developing application using j2me.

      I've tested my application on emulator(both jdk and eclipseME). Also I'm succesful in testing the unsigned version of my app on Nokia 3110c (a S40 device). But when I try deploying the same on nokia E63(a S60 device) it gives an error. Installation on E63 almost goes upto 80%(progress bar), but shows an error saying unable to certify.

      Now my first question is, Is it a must to get my app signed?(to install on s60 devices)

      After the above process, I decided to self-sign my app using keytool of JDK. I was able to self-sign my midlet(though not with a proper CA certificate).
      Now trying with nokia E63, gives the same old error.
      Also if I try installing this app on nokia 3110c, I get a error saying "cetificate not found on phone or sim".

      Now my second question is, Can we not use a self-signed midlet for testing purposes only?(later i may buy one from verisign or thawte)

      Now my third question and request is, have anyone one of you come across above problems? is yes please help me...

      Let me know if you want anymore info.

      Happy New Year 2010.
      Thanks in advance.
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          Hi Friends...

          After more than 2 months... My app can now be installed on E63.
          The problem I've discussed above is probably not specific to E63, but prevails in many or all s60(or advanced) phones.

          The problem was not with E63 but with my code. But, this problem/error was not considered as a issue in 3110c( s40 phones.)

          The problems or errors was with two class files...
          1) A "Test" class, I had used for testing many methods of my app. This class consisted of "main()" of java. I guess, s60/advanced phones doesn't allow "main()" method to be used. (Since it seems like second start point for the app, I guess).
          2) "VerifyDate" class. In this class I had made use of "CalendarImpl" (com.sun.cldc.util.j2me.CalendarImpl). I don't know how this posed problems...!
          But, when I replaced usage of "CalendarImpl" by static methods of "Calendar"(java.util.Calendar), the problem was solved.

          I hope my experiences with this problem will help someone, someday.

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            roopesh_h, thank you for sharing your solution.