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    Key behavior problem

      Hello iam currently developing an application for mobile phone using j2me to create and send messages using my native language (tamil), for my project
      I have loaded the required font into my mobile phone
      Used the Canvas class to paint the user interface and to display the message
      I have used the keypressed() method to detect keypresses and printout the tamil characters i have mapped to a key(numeric key)
      i have mapped two tamil characters to a single key
      i have written the code for a key such that wen the key is pressed once it displays the first character mapped to it and if it is pressed again within a timelimit the second one is displayed.I have used threads for this purpose .
      i have copied and pasted the same code for all the other 9 keys (numeric) by just modifying only the character to be displayed

      Now the problem is
      The application works really great in the emulator** , but some keys ( possibly a single key) dont work (in the device) even though i use the same program code for all keys i.e for that particular button(say key 5) even wen it is pressed the second time within the timelimit the first character only is displayed rather than the second character..... .
      What really puzzles me is that the key that doesnt work, varies from device to device ..
      I have tried out the application wit nokia e63 ,nokia 6630 and sony p1i
      In nokia e63 the key 5 creates problem as said above . but the application works well when used with emulator

      In sony p1i the key 6 creates problem

      In nokia 6630 the key 2 creates problem

      There is no problem when the application is run on emulator..

      Wen i map that particular key's functionality to some other key the functioning is ok . but that key still creates problem. So i think there is no problem wit the code

      Please help ...