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    what's wrong with OO4O and delphi

      I am trying usint OO4O to fetch the spatial data in delphi,but I can not use the opendatabase function.
      here is the code


      OO4OSession:= CreateOLEObject('oracleInProcServer.XOraSession');
      OraDatabase:=OO4OSession.OpenDatabase('ExampleDb','scott/tiger', 0);

      the code is from the help.the error says that the opendatabase member function is not find.
      and when I trying to import type library of Oracle InProc Server 4.0 Type Library,when compile the unit,the error messages are like below
      [Error] OracleInProcServer_TLB.pas(2548): Undeclared identifier: 'CreateDatabase'
      [Error] OracleInProcServer_TLB.pas(2553): Undeclared identifier: 'OpenDatabase'
      [Error] OracleInProcServer_TLB.pas(2573): Undeclared identifier: 'Open'
      [Error] OracleInProcServer_TLB.pas(2578): Undeclared identifier: 'Close'
      [Error] OracleInProcServer_TLB.pas(2706): Undeclared identifier: 'Name'
      [Error] OracleInProcServer_TLB.pas(2712): Undeclared identifier: 'OpenDatabase'
      [Error] OracleInProcServer_TLB.pas(2717): Undeclared identifier: 'Client'
      [Fatal Error] dclusr50.dpk(41): Could not compile used unit '..\Imports\OracleInProcServer_TLB.pas'

      Realy strange,can some one help me on this ,Thank u very much.