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    need tips for protecting midlets against piracy!


      I developed some midlets using standard JavaME.
      I would like to know your suggestions for making harder make illegal copies

      For example, I tried to use System.getProperty("...") for searching the IMEI of the device. [There is one specific property for each phone brand]. This way, I could preset the "licenced" IMEI numbers in the midlet. The midlet would not run in other devices appart of those whose IMEI is in the applet. The problem is that System.getProperty("...") is not available for all devices, like Blackberry (There is not any property that returns IMEI)

      So I'd have to make 2 midlets, one for SonyEricsson, Nokia, LG... and other for Blackberry, which could be harder to mantain.

      Any other suggestion?


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