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    I need help UNINSTALLING Java ME SDK

      When I run the uninstall exe I get this error:

      [2010-07-28 20:47:48.278]: ... show message dialog
      [2010-07-28 20:47:48.278]: title: Critical Error
      [2010-07-28 20:47:48.278]: message: Cannot load native library from path: native/jmesdk/windows/windows-x86.dll
      [2010-07-28 20:47:48.278]:
      [2010-07-28 20:47:48.278]: Exception:
      [2010-07-28 20:47:48.278]: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError:
      [2010-07-28 20:47:48.278]: C:\Users\User01\AppData\Local\Temp\nbi-8367277139934329064.tmp: Can't load IA 32-bit .dll on a AMD 64-bit platform
      [2010-07-28 20:47:48.278]:
      [2010-07-28 20:47:48.278]: You can get more details about the issue in the installer log file:
      [2010-07-28 20:47:48.278]: C:\Users\User01\.javame-sdk\log\20100728204745.log
      [2010-07-28 20:51:38.723]: ... dialog closed

      If I was INSTALLING the sdk, I'd be patient enough to figure out how to get the 64 bit version if there is one, etc., etc., but I'm only just trying to UNINSTALL it. The fact that Java has made their uninstall executable dependent on things working properly is very irresponsible on their part, imho. After all, people usually uninstall because things are NOT working properly. Anyway, enough with the rant. Could someone please give me some instructions on how to uninstall the SDK without running into an error?

      Edit: I'm on Windows Vista 64 bit, and I have jre and jdk 6, not sure if they are the 32 or 64 bit version.

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          I don't want to remove all registry files that have to do with java, because I have the normal java sdk which I want to keep. If the ME sdk was not meant for vista 64, the installation program should have caught that and prevented it from installing in the first place. the very least that Java support could do now is provide some instructions for manual removal. Anyway, I'm going to e-mail Java support because I'm getting no answers here. But I've checked other topics and I'm not alone in having this problem, so it would be useful if someone could offer a solution here, too.
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            I am having the same problem on a win7 x64 all I have been finding is that I have to uninstall it manually but Im not really sure about how to do it right, so if you found a solution I would be thankful if you share it