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    Java ME SDK 3.0 Problems

      I need to develop J2me (Midlet for graduation project)...I installed Java ME SDK 3.0 after installing JDK 6.0
      I was running Java ME SDK 3.0 and I faced some errors:
      An error: A java.io.IOException exception has occurred
      java.net.ConnectException:connection refused

      This error keeps poping up 100 times+ while the Java ME SDK is launching...

      After that when it launches the sample application don't run because of the following:
      Reference Problem:"CLDC Sun Java(TM) MicroEdition SDK 3.0EA" platform couldn't be found

      As a result I try to solve reference problem a pop up window appears saying:
      "Use java docs to register the API documentation for your JDK in the IDE
      Click Add Platform to register other Java SE and Java ME platform versions"

      I posted before at Nokia forums and got no useful answer so if any one want to know more ifo Please refer to: