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    JAva ME SDK 3.0 Fatal Error : 123


      i have a very strange error when running my midlet inside the emulator of SDK 3.0

      This midlet runs fine under SDK 2.5, and under Nokia emulator but in SDK 3.0 I have an almost silent crash of the emulator. The only message the console is giving me is

      Fatal Error : 123

      I have no idea what this is supposed to mean.

      Can anybody point me to how I could debug this and to what might be the cause of this error ?

      Many thanks in advance
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          Please check device.properties file in c:\Documents and settings\<user>\javame-sdk\3.0\work\<device_id>\device.properties.

          Check whether "profiler.enabled" is true / false.

          I faced same if profiler is enabled.

          Works for me if "profiler.enabled" is set to false.