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    MHP Video on Demand?


      I wonder if it's possible to play a video from a file in MHP.

      If so, I'd like to know the file format and the details about it. I've tried to play the video within applications without success. I also have tried to play the video from a server via http. It failed too.

      Any answer will be appreciated.
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          you can do that easily if you have a receiver with the Broadband Addendum support (not part of the MHP spec); these are sold in Italy now.
          With it, you simply create a media Player with an HTTP data source pointing to a video file.
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            Thank you Nestor_P for your answer.

            Now I have a TeleSystem TS7900HD STB. Does it include Broadband Addendum?

            If it does, do you have any code that really plays video from a file something like that?

            Thanks again.
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              you should have a TS7900HD with broadband addendum enabled if you have latest ALTS 1.1.4 middleware on board.

              it's un upgrade aired in Italy since 17.6.2010:

              link to italian support forum about it


              the only public italian service using it is called "La7 On Demand", an MHP apps from La7 an italian broadcast. here info about it.


              sorry both threads are in italiano only
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                Thanks aventuri for your answer.

                I am working with a Tele System 7900HD, but it has sw version 1.0.2 and isn't able to play video from any source different to the Transport Strem.

                According to what I've read I have to update the sw version, but the problem is that I'm not in Italy and don't know how to do it.

                Is there any way to update it either via USB (having downloaded a file) or via Internet?

                Any help will be appreciated again.