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    Purpose of the Plugin.initApplication(InnerApplication) method


      Does anybody know what is the purpose of the above method? When and where shall it be called?

      As far as I know the xlet hasn't access to the plugin, so it cannot call it. There remains only a terminal.

      On other hand the terminal:
      1) if it supports the InnerApplication (ex. HTMLInnerApplication) then it doesn't need this method
      2) if it doesn't support any InnerApplication then it cannot create any instance of the InnerApplication which could be send to the above method as the parameter

      The only thing that comes to mind is to use this method in the implementation of the InnerApplicationContainer::InnerApplicationContainer(InnerApplication) constructor. But this causes other problems:
      1) the terminal doesn't know anything about the application id or other application attributes, which should be later accessible through the method XletContext.getXletProperty by this inner application
      2) the terminal doesn't know which plugin shall be used to create the xlet
      a) there is one exception if the InnerApplicationContainer::InnerApplicationContainer(InnerApplication) constructor is invoked by the delegated application, the terminal could assume that it is the same plugin which was used to create this delegated application
      b) but what if it is not a delegated application? Shall the constructor throw some exception?

      Thanks in advance,
      Adam L.