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    Re: HBackgroundImage problems - Really urgent!

      Ultimately, I was able to see something on the screen.

      This is what happend:

      -> I successfully reserve the background device.
      -> I get the HStillImageBackgroundConfig from HbackgroundConfigTemplete with STILL_IMAGE preference.
      -> Successfully set the background device configuration to be this HStillImageBackground.
      -> Then, create an instance of HBackgroundImage from an .mpg file (for i-frame)
      -> I call load() on the HBackgroundImage.
      -> imageLoaded() gets invoked with HBackgroundImageEvent type 1 (which means LOADED).
      -> Then, I call backgrounconfig.displayImage( backgroundImage) with no exceptions thrown.

      -> Sometimes a see a glimpse of the image (for a fraction of second) on the screen and it immediately goes away. And, most of the times, the execution happens without any exceptions, but i dont see that glimpse alltogether.

      Could someone help me on this? Please, I would really appreciate any thoughts on this. Currently, I am hosed!!

      Thanks alot in advance!