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    Screen resolution in MHP


      I am trying to upgrade a java tv application already working to use the high definition of the decoder, connected by HDMI to LCD screen

      I have tryied to use:

      private HScene createHScene(int width, int height) {

           Dimension resolution = new Dimension(width, height);
           HGraphicsDevice graphicsDev = HScreen.getDefaultHScreen().getDefaultHGraphicsDevice();

           try {
           // Prepare template with new resolution
           HGraphicsConfigTemplate template = new HGraphicsConfigTemplate();
           template.setPreference(HScreenConfigTemplate.SCREEN_RECTANGLE,new Rectangle(0,0,1,1), HScreenConfigTemplate.REQUIRED);
           template.setPreference(HScreenConfigTemplate.PIXEL_RESOLUTION,resolution, HScreenConfigTemplate.REQUIRED);
           template.setPreference(HScreenConfigTemplate.PIXEL_ASPECT_RATIO,new Dimension(16,9), HScreenConfigTemplate.REQUIRED);

           // Retrieve best configuration
           HGraphicsConfiguration bestConfig = graphicsDev.getBestConfiguration(template);
           // apply the configurations
           if (bestConfig != null) {graphicsDev.setGraphicsConfiguration(bestConfig);}
           } catch (Exception e) {}

           HScene myscene= HSceneFactory.getInstance().getFullScreenScene(graphicsDev);
           myscene.setBounds(0, 0, width, height);
           return myscene;

      to change resolution but always the graphics layer mantain 720/576 pixels visibles.

      There is something wrong or misunderstood?

      There is a specific limit over MHP stack 1.1.2

      I use TS 7900HD as decoder and a server with DECTEC DTA-110T with Justdvb sw.

      Any help is welcome