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    Parental Control using OCAP 1.1.2 ????

      Hi all,

      I am new to OCAP and I need help in understanding the flow of execution to implement Parental Contol in a STB using OCAP,

      Correct me wherever I go wrong:-

      An application is bound to service context by a Monitor Application with adequate permissions,so the Parental Control Application (*PCA*, suppose I will be implementing it) needs to be registered to the initial Monitor application (_please someone do explain how registering can be done???)_

      Now the PCA, needs to listen for events from JMF player (_how can I make PCA poll for events from player??);_
      It also registers a handler (_for a spesific trigger, most likely,*please do validate this_*) where the logic for Parental Control hadling will be implemented.So PCA should be a privilaged application with MonitorAppPermission("mediaAccess");

      JMF player in turn checks the registered PCA registered Handler for the particular trigger (_do different handlers get called for different riggers???)_ for Authorization Permissions.If authorization not returned then presentation is blocked and appropriate events generated which are used internally;

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