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      I am new about Linux and Java because i am a senior developer over Microsoft platform and Database..

      I have to use Jet Avalpa to develop xlet for STB and JustDVB for Carousel Generator

      I have installed Xubuntu and both Eclipse and NetBeans

      Do you know where I can found documentation or examples to start my developing work?

      I haven't any idea to begin my work because i don't know java and .....other basilar things.

      Do exist suite, open source, freeware or with low cost, that allow to work with a friendly user interface with Jet and JustDVB?

      Thank you
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          I'm Andrea Venturi head of Avalpa. it's nice to hear that you are starting to work both on Avalpa open source projects for digital television.

          By the way, i suggest you to move from JustDvb-It, that is an outdated project, to OpenCaster, the new multi-purpose transport stream generator for DSMCC and PSI/SI tables. (you can find it on the Avalpa web site)

          i fear that there are not so many graphical user interfaces for developing and configuring those environment. we didn't have the time and the reward to make something good for it.

          we can help you if you have some spare resources to dedicate.. that's our business model: we are working as a consultancy and development firm focused on a open source based strategy.

          so i'd like to get in touch with you. you can email me or call me using the contact info at the [Avalpa web site|http://www.avalpa.com] and we can discuss more in deep about it.


          Andrea Venturi