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    unsmooth ticker/marquee movement?

      Hi All,
      I am a newbie in JavaTV and trying to develop my first Xlet application, a ticker/marquee, with MHP.
      I found that the ticker sometimes stopped (like a jitter) in its movement when running on real STB, it confuses me for days and still dont get how to fix it. Can anyone suggest?
      Yes, it runs well on my emulator with PC.
      I guess it might be caused since the XLET is running on MHP middleware and some part of the MHP is running with other process(such as collecting SI/PSI from broadcast network). But the guess is not accept by my adviser since he suggest I review my code to solve it.
      Can anyone help on it? (agree my opinion or dis-prove it ... ).
      I have referred to the sample code in this thread. However, it just jitters sometimes.

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          replied by myself...

          After checking w/ the box manufacturer, we have some findings.
          The marquee program is always switching among the stages of 'sleeping' and 'awake'. The 'sleeping' stage might be sometimes extended due to STB is unable to finish its sleeping in time (due to cpu time competition). STB with MHP middleware is an embedded system that usually equips only with minimum computation power, (cost and some other design consideration). Thus the programmer should not expect it is a powerful computation environment and being able to response every single request in time(or as it behaves on emulators running on a pc). We are now doing work-around to adjust the program presentation so that the 'jitter' could be hardly 'seen' by the users.