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    Need ruling on screen coordinate system to use with AWTVideoSizeControl...

      Hi -

      I’m working on a tru2way application and a nagging question keeps popping up with stack vendors on the usage of the AWTVideoSizeControl interface. I was hoping you could provide a definitive answer (note that Bill Foote is the author of the interface spec).

      In short…my reading of the javadocs for AWTVideoSizeControl is that all values passed to and received from it are to be expressed in the graphics plane coordinate system. Stack vendors don’t always agree.

      Periodically, I run into a stack vendor who expects AWTVideoSize (as passed to AWTVideoSizeControl.setSize) to be expressed in video plane coordinates – I’ve so far been able to convince these folks that the spec requires graphics coordinates. I’ve just run into an interesting situation, though, where although the vendor agrees that AWTVideoSize should be in graphics coordinates, they’re feeling that the Dimension returned from AWTVideoSizeControl.getSourceVideoSize() should be based on the video plane coordinate system. Their thinking is that while ‘x’ and ‘y’ are coordinates (and therefore are called out as needing to be expressed relative to the graphics screen), ‘height’ and ‘width’ aren’t.

      Perhaps I’m wrong, but that seems incorrect. I would expect the Dimension height and width to be relative to the graphics screen as well.

      I’d appreciate it greatly if you could provide a ruling on this that I could take back to them (and others).