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    Java TV API and IPTV Lab

      So using Java TV API's we can develop IPTV right.
      Is Java TV API for Client side of IPTV or server side of IPTV development?
      IPTV consists of 2 parts one is Live TV and another is VoD right.
      My requirement is i want to place some videos in server and play those in the TV (Client) using IPTV set top box.
      How do i approach this?
      Can anyone please suggest me?
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          JavaTV is really just an interface to code on the client/terminal/TV/STB which you might call a "media player".
          JavaTV can only do IPTV if the "media player" it uses can do IPTV.
          JavaTV can also be connected to "media players" which play from classical broadcast TV and from optical media (Blu-ray).
          You'll have to check the documentation for a particular JavaTV implementation to see what kinds of content it can play.
          VoD via IP typically uses RTSP in many deployments. Where RTSP is used, all the VoD server vendors use different flavours of it. If a particular JavaTV implementation supports VoD then you'll need to check the documentation to see which VoD servers it will work with.