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    Java TV and IPTV

      Is Java TV also for IPTV services?? I mean Java TV API can also work with IPTV enabled set top box?
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          I don't think so.
          Some basic APIs we can use in IPTV also (UI, media play). May be there are some special parts related to IPTV business we need modify it or add some APIs to it (Service information APIs, broadcast APIs) .
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            Thanks for you reply.
            In future Is there any possibilities of getting Java TV over IPTV platform?
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              If it�s true, it means JSR 927 need be modified. I want get the answer too.
              If you are interested in IPTV middleware, you can pay more attention to how to converge browser and MHP.
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                I've looked at using MHP on an IPTV network in the past, and there is nothing major that stops JavaTV being used in this role.

                The main things that cause potential problems with MHP is the application signalling/loading and SI access: IPTV systems typically use different approaches to this, and so the current MHP APIs aren't very well-suited to many existing IPTV networks. The DVB-IPI specification may change this as it starts to become adopted more widely, but we'll have to wait and see.

                JavaTV has avoided these by being fairly platform-neutral and not specifying things like application signallingand how application files are loaded: these need to be specified for an IPTV platform, but that's not really a JavaTV problem. The JavaTV APIs as they stand can probably work OK.

                The biggest challenge is really a system integration issue: integrating the JavaTV SI APIs with the head-end systems provided by the middleware manufacturers and integrating things like VOD services, etc.

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                  See my reply to Sarah up a few items. Java TV is very much for IPTV!

                  To connect the dots, there are two specifications to choose from: GEM-IPTV and MHP-IPTV. Both exist in draft form, but GEM-IPTV hasn't quite been published yet. It's part of GEM 1.2, which may be on www.mhp.org before the end of this month.

                  I'll be giving a presentation on the GEM-IPTV and MHP-IPTV at an ITU-T study group on IIPTV next week.


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                    Thank you all for your reply.
                    I just got bit confused from these. Let me clear my understanding Java TV can work on IPTV as well but would require few changes. Am i correct on that? or the changes are major??
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                      JavaTV needs no modifications to work on IPTV.

                      The problem is that a lot of elements needed to run JavaTV applications are mot defined by thre JavaTV specification, but by specifications that use it. For instance, JavaTV says nothing about how applications are signalled, downloaded to the STB or launched. Specifications like MHP or OCAP which use JavaTV fill in these gaps for DVB and OpenCable networks respectively, but there's nothing like that for IPTV at the moment (although I'd be very interested in seeing what's happening with GEM-IPTV and MHP-IPTV, because it sounds like those fill many of these holes).

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                        Java TV can easily be used for IPTV delivery. But the problem in the current scenario is that IPTV implementations are tightly coupled to the middleware which very much control the delivery mechanism and applications.
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                          Hi there.

                          Any news to this topic?
                          Currently I try to access to DVB-SI information in an IPTV Multicast stream with JavaTV.

                          best, tronic
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                            Hi tronic99,

                            Could you share the stream?
                            Could you post more information about this service?

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                              Hi cjliu.

                              Sorry, I can not share the stream.
                              Which service do you mean? DVB-SI?

                              best, tronic99
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                                So using Java TV API's we can develop IPTV right.
                                Is Java TV API for Client side of IPTV or server side of IPTV development?
                                IPTV consists of 2 parts one is Live TV and another is VoD right.
                                My requirement is i want to place some videos in server and play those in the TV (Client) using IPTV set top box.
                                How do i approach this?
                                Can anyone please suggest me?
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